October 7, 2018

I Did it

I just finished a proposal for a photo grant - the hardest and most time consuming thing I have done while trying to pet sit, attend events, photograph bands and live life.  I made sure it was a top priority but still didn't feel like I had enough time to work on it.
One thing I do know is I drive around too much as a dog walker.  I did enjoy pet sitting and have peace and quiet to work on it. 
Here are a few photos I found while trying to decide which photos represented me as a photographer.

 I was on train to NJ to see my friend Susan in 2011 when I took this selfie.

October 5, 2018

Oh, what a feeling

 I shot 2 bands (Decarlo and Ashland Craft) September 30 at T-bones in Lake Wylie at a fundraiser  - so awesome to be getting back into concert photography.

I have been through so much the past few years and haven't been out shooting like I use to but thanks to encouragement from some amazing musicians I am shooting bands/concerts again.

Please visit https://infocusvisions.com/?p=6262 to see my photos and review

July 24, 2018

Concert Photography

Concert Photography has been a passion of mine since the 80's.  I started photographing bands right out of high school.   I love the excitement, the music, meeting the fans and the band members.  I love the lighting, the music and the way the band members play for the camera, they want the shot as much as I do.
Below are a few of the concert photos i have taken in past and since being back in SC.  I have more to go through and will make new post

Steve Vai

Mike Keneally 2010

Bad Romeo 2015

Bad Romeo 2015

Bad Romeo 2015

Matt Tucker 2018

Matt Tucker 2018

November 7, 2017

Family vacation

My mom, my sister, my brother in law, my nephew and I went to Disney world for Halloween thus year.  Can you say AWESOME!!!
Here are a few photos