January 23, 2011


Today I braved the cold to shoot the frost on my car windows - I like what I got today but will keep trying

January 20, 2011

It's been so long!!

Ok I haven't posted anything new since Dec 6. 2010 - sorry.  December was a busy month and then January well the snow, the cold, the going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark - I do not like the month of January. 
It has snowed way too much already and we are due for more tomorrow, the only thing I look forward to is trying to get a closeup photo of a snowflake!!!!

Below are some photos I have taken since Dec 6:

 Stack of new Greeting Cards - I have sold alot and I am in the process of making new ones

Not sure what kind of duck this was that was swimming with the Geese this morning but it's cute!!

I happen to be in Manhattan when it started snowing - always like to capture NYC sites in the snow.  It seems to always snow the day after I am there or during the week when I am at work!!

This is me, my sister and our parents (that's Ginger at the bottom!!) I got to go home for Christmas this year and got to stay extra days because of a blizzard in NY!!  thanks Mother Nature!!

Our 2 fat cats under the Christmas tree - they were my shadows when I got home after being away for almost 2 weeks!!  Can you tell they really don't like having their photos taken

My new tape dispenser - goes with my ongoing "Shoes that Intrigue Me" theme!!!