January 20, 2011

It's been so long!!

Ok I haven't posted anything new since Dec 6. 2010 - sorry.  December was a busy month and then January well the snow, the cold, the going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark - I do not like the month of January. 
It has snowed way too much already and we are due for more tomorrow, the only thing I look forward to is trying to get a closeup photo of a snowflake!!!!

Below are some photos I have taken since Dec 6:

 Stack of new Greeting Cards - I have sold alot and I am in the process of making new ones

Not sure what kind of duck this was that was swimming with the Geese this morning but it's cute!!

I happen to be in Manhattan when it started snowing - always like to capture NYC sites in the snow.  It seems to always snow the day after I am there or during the week when I am at work!!

This is me, my sister and our parents (that's Ginger at the bottom!!) I got to go home for Christmas this year and got to stay extra days because of a blizzard in NY!!  thanks Mother Nature!!

Our 2 fat cats under the Christmas tree - they were my shadows when I got home after being away for almost 2 weeks!!  Can you tell they really don't like having their photos taken

My new tape dispenser - goes with my ongoing "Shoes that Intrigue Me" theme!!!


  1. LOVE your greeting cards! Where do you sell them? And when you get that picture of the snowflake you have to share! Oh, and your cats are adorable :)

  2. Any photo you see can be made inot a greeting card- I need to do an etsy site!!
    I am going to try for the snowflake again this week with MORE snow in the forecast!! ha!!
    love my fat cats -thanks