March 27, 2013

Book signing meet n" greet

I had the pleasure of attending a meet n' greet for a co worker who just published a great book - I am still reading it and hope to finish over the weekend - so far it is great. Below are some of the photos I took last night at Z Pita where the meet n' greet was held in Port Jefferson, NY

The Poster
Z Pita with banner for book on it
RJ Torbert the author - signing book


March 26, 2013

Crocuses are beautiful flowers

I am still cat sitting in Freeport and noticed my friend Max who lives across the street had beautiful crocuses in his front yard.... I ran over to take a few photos I could spend all day photographing these flowers. Max has purple ones, white ones, yellow ones, white with purple stipes and light purple ones.

March 25, 2013

Cat sitting and still life Photography

I have been cat sitting in Freeport, NY si cnce March 14. I have pet/house for this couple for over 13 years. I started with 2 other cats. Now its Sammy, jake and lucy. This year I didnt think I would get to see them because of damage from hurricane Sandy. Photographing flowers, vases, cats and whatever catches my eye.