December 31, 2011

2011 was the start of my journey

I never wanted to be a member of the Pink club but I am
I have stayed positive and embraced my baldness - kept a smile on my face

Thank goodness for my sweetie pie Greg - he has stayed by me and help me eat the foods I should be - he is 3 1/2 years cancer free. I really haven't always been the best patient but neither was he.

So as we say good by to 2011 - I am here to say bring it on 2012 - i'm ready for whatever you have for me!!!

Peace love photography to all!!!!

December 28, 2011

New tattoos, radiation, and therapy dog!!!

So I started Radiation today went in with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. Radiation is easier than Chemo - thank goodness and only last 15 minutes. I will be getting treatments everyday but Saturday and sunday until Feb 9 - I am so glad the technicians are happy people and not sticks in the mud robots - I like to be able to joke around and talk to the people I am spending time with.

I got a card today to scan in at the Cancer place so they know I am there for my appointments. So tomorrow for my 7:30am appt I will take the card to scan in, the aquaphor lotion to put on after the radiation so the skin doesn't get damaged I hope, and the pink van to shoot at the radiation/cancer center.....

I met two of the greatest technicians S and R - they were great and let me take photos and even posed for one. I already feel connected to them but S will be rotating to work at the hospital on Tuesday - hope the other technicians are just as friendly

here's a shot of a sign in the dressing room - I love the dog!! I only had to take my clothes off from the waist up so no worries about the back side showing

of course had to have 2 new tattoos put on - tiny as a pin head - I told S and R that the tattoos should be big if they are going to be there for life. I really did expect something larger than a pin head!!! ha!!

when I got home I took some photos around the house

I also got to visit with my favorite Therapy dog - her Mom dropped by when they were walking outside - mom had just had major surgery (thank goodness it wasn't cancer but it was crohns diesase)

December 21, 2011

CT Scan, Tattoos and photos - oh my

this is the Ct scan machine

Yes I had to take a pregnancy test and may have to pay $80 to $100 for it - are you kidding me!!!

this bag will have something put in it that will get very warm and then forms to your upper body to make a mold.

Lots of tape required to hold mold to your arms during scan....

this was the Tech getting the liquid around the garbage that will make the mold!!

Nurse A took this photo of me on the CT Scan table....I blacked out some body parts - but I wanted to show how I was taped to bag and how I had to lay on the table. I couldn't move at all - it was weird.

December 19, 2011

5 days until Christmas eve!!

It's bitter sweet for me I can't be with my family for Christmas but I was there last year
I miss my family and living in South Carolina
this was a photo from my birthday present this year that my sister made for me... she is so crafty!! She made a photo album with photos of the family holding up signs and photo quotes for me - love her - it was the best present ever.

My dad is not in the best of health and I really want to be home but I have to stay here in NY to finish my journey. Radiation is the next step.

this is a photo of my dad.

here's a fun photo - notice my sister spelled Photography wrong - gotta love her!!!

December 16, 2011

My little Hero

I am very sad to report that my little Hero passed away December 13 - RIP sweet baby. Saoirse was my inspiration as I dealt with my Breast Cancer.

Below is what was on the Danvers patch site about her:

At about 10 a.m. on Dec. 13, the Fitzgerald family shared with their friends and followers on Facebook the heartbreaking news, "Our baby has no more
pain today. She fought the whole way through."

Saoirse, Mike and Kezia Fitzgerald's 18-month-old daughter, passed away following a seven month battle with Neuroblastoma.

December 13, 2011

NYC - 12.11.12 with great friends

I went into the city on Sunday Dec 11, for the first time since June or maybe it was July!! I met up with two great ladies/fellow photographers for brunch and then some photos around Manhattan!! I was taking it easy since I am still on my Journey with BC and didn't want to over do it but when I got on the 8:40 train to head home, I realized I may have over did it a little!! It was well worth it though!!!

Love to see the dogs when I am in the City - thought this one was great!!

Joy and I doing a photo for our friend Susan who always does the bathroom shots!!!

Saw this book on the street and showed it to Joy - she loves books especially when they are free

Joy and the book - yes she took it home

This Santa was kind of Scary!!

Joy posing on the bus on the way to see the tree!!

Love this photo - photographers always seem to hide behind their camera.

Chestnuts roasting on the streets of Manhattan!!!!

The Tree!!

Scary Santa in front of Radio City Music Hall

Me and Joy in front of giant balls!!!

The Tree at Bryant Park - quick shot

Quick shot of the Giant lights on 6th Ave.

One of the windows at Macy's

December 5, 2011

Dog sitting, Surprises in the mail and Christmas lights

I dog sat for a client for 4 days - 2 pugs named Bonnie and Clyde. Love these 2 but Clyde is a bottomless pit and poor Bonnie is deaf now - we still have fun on our walks though

walking with Bonnie and Clyde

Oops did I forget to let you in!! ha!!!

We took a walk Sunday night to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood
here are some of what we saw -

The pugs were more interested in smelling every blade of grass than letting me take photos ha!! as you can see this photo is a blur but was suppose to be a snowman!! ha!!

Here are some of the other lights we saw - or should I say the pugs let me shoot!!

I went home Saturday to see Greg and our cats - Cali has to be with me at all times especially when sitting on the couch!!

while I was there I got surprises in the mail - awesome!!
first Ashley Easton, a young lady you amazes me everyday recovery from a really bad car accident, read my blog and knew I want a shirt that read "take a picture it'll last longer" so she sent me one - love her!!!

I also got Tamela's book - this lady is incredible she did this book and road cross country on her motorcycle to raise money for women who have Breast Cancer

December 3, 2011

Surprises in the mail and holiday card photo

got my Live Full Throttle book by Tamela Rich today - love it
there is a quote in it - i'm no different than anyone else - I just have cancer!!
love it!!!!!
I also got a tshirt from my new friend.Ashley Easton, who survived a horrible wreck, and says I inspire her - honey you inspire me!! I will post photos of me in my new tshirt later in the week

I work on photo for our holiday card today - this year is different because I added the pink ribbon!!
I always do a card that respresents Greg's music and my photography
wasn't sure what I would do this year but Greg was happy with it.

yes I say Happy Holidays - I have for 21 yrs - I have friends from all over the world and I figure it covers Nrw Years too!!!

peace love photography to all!!!!

December 2, 2011

Playing with Kim Klassen's textures

I was playing with KK yesteryear texture and some apples for my picture Inspiration photo

I am trying to stay motivated and positive even though it's not easy sometimes.
I registered for the Getting thru the Grey class with Vivienne McMaster - can't wait to start that class..... to keep me motivated during the winter months.
I want to attend the Shutter Sisters camp in 2012 so I am saving my money now!! I want it to be a gift to myself for making it through this crazy year with the BC. Hopefully the camp will be on the East Coast but if not I will travel out to CA for it.

I will find out about Radiation on Dec 9 and the Pet Scan - keeping fingers crossed that it shows no Cancer!!!!!