December 3, 2011

Surprises in the mail and holiday card photo

got my Live Full Throttle book by Tamela Rich today - love it
there is a quote in it - i'm no different than anyone else - I just have cancer!!
love it!!!!!
I also got a tshirt from my new friend.Ashley Easton, who survived a horrible wreck, and says I inspire her - honey you inspire me!! I will post photos of me in my new tshirt later in the week

I work on photo for our holiday card today - this year is different because I added the pink ribbon!!
I always do a card that respresents Greg's music and my photography
wasn't sure what I would do this year but Greg was happy with it.

yes I say Happy Holidays - I have for 21 yrs - I have friends from all over the world and I figure it covers Nrw Years too!!!

peace love photography to all!!!!

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