November 18, 2012

Long Beach, NY photos after Hurricane Sandy

the beach will never be the same after hurricane Sandy - so much sand is gone - the ocean was so angry
I have spent the last 2 days going to take photos and talk to people in Long Beach, NY.  There is a community down there like no other.
I talked to so many people about what they had been through.  there were 4 ft of sand in the streets at one point from what I was told.

November 15, 2012


Today I am remembering Shutter Sisters Oasis and the fact that I still have to make a post about it and add photos to the flickr group.

My friend and walking buddy, Carol Hart, at Oasis did the coolest book covers - I need to get her to tell me how to do it again - gotta get creative.

November 5, 2012

Photo plus expo and MeRa koh

I attended the Photoplus Expo on Oct 27 - 2 days after returning from Shutter Sisters retreat in Palm Springs.  I got to meet the girls from, they love Shutter sisters and Lensbaby they were so nice.  I then walked over to Focal press publishers -  posed for a photo with Tracey Clark's books - they love her at Focal press.

My biggest thrill was meeting Me Ra Koh in person - love her and her photography

some of the items from the photoplus expo

I wish I was still here!!!!!!'

November 4, 2012

Sunset above the clouds

here's a photo I took 30 minutes before landing in Palm Springs on Oct 20, 2012
sunset at 30,000ft - shot with my point and shoot - I love being above the clouds - I am amazed by the formations they make.

the plane landed in Palm springs at 7pm Oct 20 and my retreat began - such an incredible time - loved my roomie.  lots of photos taken but I still have to edit them.