October 30, 2011

Arts in Plaza, head painting and pumpkins!!

Today I went to Long Beach, NY to the Arts In the Plaza Halloween event to see some friends and take some photos. while i was there i also donated scarfs and gloves to a good cause and got my head painted!!

Cat and Robin Hood

Strawberry Shortcake

Love these candle holders

Donated my scarves and gloves to these girls - Long Beach girls Purl

Head painting and artwork by Shelly - not sure why I looked away from the camera but I love the drawing she did of me!!!

Tutu's were so cute and colorful!!!

When I got home form Long Beach - Greg was ready to crave the pumpkin so I had to document it in black and white

October 26, 2011


Through my journey this year with Breast Cancer I have really embraced my baldness and my ability to laugh at whatever comes my way. This journey has been a challenge and one I never thought I would be on. I have learned to just take it one day at a time and with a laugh.
Peace love photography

October 24, 2011

The Sunday after chemo treatment

Taxol the chemo drug I am on causes body aches and of course I have that side effect - I hurt from head to toe!! I usually handle pain well but when this ache starts it is a painful ache in the joints and muscles. It effects my bad back, knees and arthritis in my hands - there is no getting comfortable when you sleep - the ache doesn't go away. I take fast acting advil and it kind of helps but not really - I can't get comfortable but I try to go on with my life!!!

Breakfast was waffles with real maple syrup - I wanted something fast - I will make my smoothie later.

Sitting on the couch with one of our cats Cali - he is my buddy!!! He likes to snuggle up close to me!!!

So much to do and yet I don't have the energy to do anything with this pain/ache. Pumpkin to crave, bedroom needs to be cleaned and my little office space, Christmas card photo to be taken - yes need to do that now because i send out over 100 cards!!!, thank you cards and packages to be packed and mailed out!!!!!

I want to read this book - "Breastless in the city". it was written by a woman living in nyc who discovers she has breast cancer. i believe she is 25 when diagnosed. I have so many books I need to read!!!

I am approaching things (or at least trying to) one day at a time with a smile on my face. But the idea of cancer recurrence has weighed heavily on my mind this weekend. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s due to everything i’ve been through over the past six months. It’s not easy to handle the idea of your own mortality. Life seems even more precious now from this vantage point. I’m bombarded by thoughts of my past, present, and uncertain future. I keep a smile on my face and face everyday as it comes.......

October 21, 2011

chemo #6 was Thursday 10/20/11

My new cuff from GreenMarket girl - to support breast cancer...had to wear it during chemo - that's nurse Cathy in the background....

Ok so I got to my chemo appt early as always 8:50am on thursday 10/20 but it was a beautiful walk to the office and I took some photos - at chemo greeted by Donna great to see her and Jeannie - they keep chemo room alive. Cathy is here to might be a busy day. Nurse Cathy came in also.

I got to share one of my note pads with the pig on it with nurse Donna - I love giving these out hte make me smile - the pig is so cute!!! see below for images - I am also sending these out as thanks you so people who have sent me good wishes...

I met a lady in staples today who also had cancer - not breast cancer but she had it worse than me. Terry lee kept saying how inspiring and cheerful I was but after all she went through and she is still smiling, she is the one who inspires....
I took Greg to the train station and a lady came over to the van to say how incredible she thought we were.. me for be bald and smiling through my sickness and Greg for being there for me - she thought we made a cute couple too... I love to make people happy and we really made her happy today!!!

Peace love Photography

October 18, 2011

I really miss my Parents - can't wait to see them in Feb 2012

My sister took this photo of me and my parents when I was home in July of this year - i was going to see the Rocky Horror play and had just had my hair cut off since I would lose in when chemo started in August. I think it has been harder for me not being close to my family now that I am sick. I stay strong and positive so I can make it home to South Carolina again in 2012 to enjoy time with my family and friends. I totally miss living in the Carolina's and will always call it home - NY is just a place I have been visiting for 16 yrs!!!

Peace love Photography

October 16, 2011

Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk was today!!

I did it - I walked the 5k along the boardwalk with my friend Linda, her sister in law and some ladies she works with at St. Catherine's.
I got to Jones Beach at 6:30 (I am always the early one) - I knew there would be alot of traffic later...in the morning.
below are photos from the morning - enjoy

below is a shot driving in - no one on road but me!!

Below is one of the welcome flags from the event

Below is Bart and Maria - great Volunteers at the event - Bart really helped me out when I got there!!

Below is me and Anthony - he asked if I would be interviewed since I had just started my Journey into breast cancer and had inspired some one - I just have a positive attitude and will beat this Cancer!!!!!

Below is Cherose and Jen - they were the ones doing the Interviewing for positive promotions and Breast cancer awareness.

Below is a photo that show some the walkers that were there!!

Below is what I call Tunnel Vision and it is how chemo makes me feel!!

Below is me and Chuck Schumer - U.S. Senator from NY

Below is me and my friend Linda - what an awesome lady she is!!!

it was an incredible day for walking and being with friends - what a wonderful experience I will be back to walk next year and will do the one in NYC and Charlotte, NC too.......

October 15, 2011

Making Strides for Breast Cancer

I am walking in my first Breast Cancer walk tomorrow - in Jones Beach, NY - I hward it get crowded so I am going 6am to get a spot in line to park since parking lots don't open until 6:45
I wonder if it is so crowded because as my Thyroid doctor said Long Island has the highest percentage of Breast Cancer in the country - just great!!!
Anyway I will be taking photos tomorrow since I am not sure the walking will happen - I am still aching from the taxol.

did I post about my 21st anniversary with Greg - yep Oct 13 marked our 21st year together. WOW
He got me roses and a beautiful card that and wrote inside that his wish for our anniversary was that I get better so we can have 21 more together.... he's a keeper for sure - love my man!!

Photo of Roses e got me below...

October 11, 2011

Woo hoo 5th treatment down - 3 more to go!!

Ok on October 6 I had treatment #5 so excited almost done with Chemo
below is photo of me at #5 treatment - I was there from 9am until 2:30 - long day!!! new drug Taxol.

I went on October 6 with my head painted with makeup by my friend Andi - she did a great job on Wednesday and even though I knew it was makeup and would smear, I left it on so on Thursday I could show the nurses at Chemo
I have totally embraced my baldness and only wear a hat or bandana when it is cold out!!
photo below is of the art work by Andi - I was her canvas....this shows the back of my head!!

Love that this is out there http://beboldbebald.org/
I am embracing my baldness but I know some people have a hard time with being bald!!

October 6, 2011

Picture this and 5th chemo treatment

I have been doing the Picture this photo classes for about 2 yrs now - I loveTracey Clark and had the privilege of meeting her in 2010 at the Snap Happy Hour in NYC awesome time that night and met some great female photographers that I am still friends with. I have also mad some friends through the Fb Picture 2011 page -I am so behind in picture taking and uploading - going through BC, chemo and working FT and staying positive takes a lot out of you!!
As I sat in chemo for 5 hrs today I talked to the amazing nurses and some of the, patients there I took photos and thought I have to do something with the photos I am taking - maybe an exhibit!
I have to thank the women photographers who inspire me: Susan Mack, Joellyn Johnson, Tracey Clark, the shutter sisters, Kim Klassen, Ami Griffin, Meagan Davidson, Mary Presson Roberts, Morgen Bearse....... The list goes on!!!

BTW my 5th chemo went well today!! It was 5 hours long but the nurses are great and entertaining. I also met some chemo patients who were sweet and we talked. One lady finished her treatment me today and was going on a trip to celebrate - she asked me what I would do and I told her I had plans to finally fly in helicopter over NYC to take photos with my friend Deborah and her husband!!!

Peace love Photography

Big Picture Classes



October 5, 2011

I was Canvas for an Artist today

I decided I wanted to embrace the bald head and have it painted so my friend Andi at work who is a professional makeup artist said she would do it!! We did it this morning in the photostudio/makeup room - it was so fun to take photos and watch her work!! I love it!!
October is Breast Cancer awareness month - embrace the baldness if you are going through Chemo - I have!!!!

Peace love photography

October 3, 2011

Today it's a little chilly so I got to wear the cool hat!!!

I am celebrating being bald and beautiful but today it was chilly out so I wore a cool hat I have for the winter months - I will probably be wearing this hat in the chemo room now since it is so cold in there!! 4 more treatments to go!!

Enjoy every minute of every day and embrace who you are!!!

Peace love photography

October is Breast Cancer month!!

October 2, 2011

Finally got to go out to Grounds for sculpture in NJ with Susan and Joy - great times!!! I also got to meet FB friend Susan in person and make a new friend Judy - who is a 9 yr BC Survivor!!!

I have had no chemo since Sept 15 my next treatment is Oct 6.
there have been so many great friends and strangers doing the BC runs in my Honor - Love and thanks to all!!! Jody Pettus, Cynthia and Jo and her daughters in Portland - love you all!!!
I will be walking October 16 in the Jones beach cancer walk!!! should be fun!! my coworker and friend Linda is doing this one for her Cousin and me - love her.

A Fellow BC friend emailed last week and this one sentence that really made me laugh in her email because it is so true -
"Oh, remember the days of getting dressed up pretty and going on a date?  Now we talk about bowel movements, nap times and sore butts - who would have thought?"

Peace love and photography