October 21, 2011

chemo #6 was Thursday 10/20/11

My new cuff from GreenMarket girl - to support breast cancer...had to wear it during chemo - that's nurse Cathy in the background....

Ok so I got to my chemo appt early as always 8:50am on thursday 10/20 but it was a beautiful walk to the office and I took some photos - at chemo greeted by Donna great to see her and Jeannie - they keep chemo room alive. Cathy is here to might be a busy day. Nurse Cathy came in also.

I got to share one of my note pads with the pig on it with nurse Donna - I love giving these out hte make me smile - the pig is so cute!!! see below for images - I am also sending these out as thanks you so people who have sent me good wishes...

I met a lady in staples today who also had cancer - not breast cancer but she had it worse than me. Terry lee kept saying how inspiring and cheerful I was but after all she went through and she is still smiling, she is the one who inspires....
I took Greg to the train station and a lady came over to the van to say how incredible she thought we were.. me for be bald and smiling through my sickness and Greg for being there for me - she thought we made a cute couple too... I love to make people happy and we really made her happy today!!!

Peace love Photography

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