September 30, 2014

Time flies

it's the end of September already - where did the summer go
I do enjoy fall and I am looking forward to going to see my family in November but I drad the cold winters with snow here in NY

I chose a window seat on the plane so I can take photos again above the clouds - I haven't been choosing window seats but I do like see the clouds as we fly over.  it's so peaceful up there.

Above the clouds

September 18, 2014

Beautiful flowers as a thank you

I photographed a ceremony a few weeks ago for a co worker and she brought me these gorgeous flowers today to say thank you

September 17, 2014

From where I stand

My favorite shoe boots and they are 25 years old - yes they are I have taken very good care of them

September 12, 2014

Love of my Life

Depression and anxiety are a part of our life now and I don't like it.  Greg has been suffering from it since loosing the routine of a job he had for over 20 yrs.  its not like the job paid well or had great benefits but he got use to the routine and now that's gone.  Ugh!!  This is one ride I do not want to be one.  I need sleep, we need a place of our own and I want our old life back.  Most of all I want to see Greg smile and laugh again.