January 30, 2013

Miss my favorite Pet Clients

Simba and Fluffy moved with their family to NC in 2009 - I really have days that I miss these babies terribly.  They are the sweetest dogs and when I go home to SC I try to run by to visit them - the photo below is a a photo I snapped on one of my visit to see my friend Cheryl and the doggies.
I hope to see them when I am home in March

Fluffy and Simba - miss these babies.

January 22, 2013

Busy and fighting a cold

January came out of no where and with it I got busy and I also caught a bad cold.

I had a actor headshot session, a family session, an event, a ceremony and 2 pet sitting jobs as well as my full time job to deal with.

below are some photos from my month so far......

Headshots for Actor
Flags at Ceremony in Long Beach, NY
Ceremony in Long Beach, NY
Jenn got her piece of the Long Beach, NY Boardwalk

Zoe and Max posing for photos

awesome family photos on a cold day in January

I photographed an event for the Argentine Cultural Center - the Second Annual La Noche Argentina Event
there was Tango dancing
and beautiful tables ready for supporters to sit at