November 27, 2010

Photos I have taken lately

Ok I am not good at blogging even though I try to be - life gets in the way....

So anyway I am trying to get motivated and post more on my blog - below are some of my current/not so current photos....

I am working on a scavenger hunt called 26 things and this is one of the things!!!

I had a photo session with this family recently - what a great location and a fun family 

Crayons as ART!!  Loved this

I love this path and I am so grateful my friend S showed me where it was


November 14, 2010

TImes Square 11/11/10

on Thursday I went into the city (NYC) to attend the Shutter Sisters Snap Happy hour and stopped in Times Square to take  few photos....

It was such a perfect night - great night to people watch.  So many interesting people show up in Times Square and you never know what you will see - like a photo shoot for a young couple just getting married who were thrilled when I said I just want to shoot your shoes HA!!  that's me!!

this was interesting - almost like Where's Waldo when you are trying to find yourself on the screen - yes there I am in the back - i see me!!

And then it was time to go to the Vivid lounge for the Snap Happy Hour!!  The sign says it all - Great Times are waiting!!!

Of course I snapped a few in the lobby and the lounge

The lights above were hanging in the lounge - I added a Sepia look to them!!!

November 2, 2010

Pamela Toppings Photography & Actions and Epiphanie Bags!!!!

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Epiphanie just launched their new website which showcases two GORGEOUS new designs: Paris and Clover.    Additionally, Epiphanie Bags now have new color options for the original designs!

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