January 29, 2012

Beautiful day to photograph Dragons

going into the city (NYC) to meet some friends and photograph the dragon parade in Chinatown for the end of Chinese New Year. its a gorgeous day for a parade. I feel good but a little tired so I may not stay all day. I didn't sleep very well
.alot on my mind .

Photos from Dragon Parade

January 25, 2012

Powerful photos of Cancer!!!

Two weeks ago I was looking at cnn.com and saw a post that read "The Battle We Didn't Choose" - the story was about a photographer who documented his wife's journey through Cancer.

Jennifer had Stage 3B Breast Cancer and won that battle. She was cancer free until 2010 when she received news that the breast cancer had metastasized to her liver and hip; ultimately the cancer made its way to Jen’s brain. She lost her battle in December of 2011, a little over a year and a half after this second diagnosis.

Angelo documented Jennifer through out the journey with Cancer. The images are powerful and really tell her fight with Cancer.

I had the honor of meeting Angelo as he was hanging the photos for his exhibit at The Lower Eastside Girl's Club in NYC. Angelo invited me to drop by today because I had stated on the event page for the fundraiser that my immune system was still low and he knew that I should not be around crowds - what a guy. I was welcomed with such positive energy from Angelo and his two friends Suzy and John.

Below are 3 of the photos I took of Angelo and his friends hanging the photos

January 22, 2012

Joyce O'Brein

I got to speak with Joyce O'Brien today at a reception for a baby's baptism. I first met her at a Girl's Night Out in NYC when I bought her book "Choose to Live". Joyce is a Breast Cancer survivor not once but twice - the last being Stage 4 BC. Joyce is quite an inspiration and she follows the same whole food diet I do but she is more strict with it. I have weak moments but for the most part I stick to the Whole foods - organic fruits and veggies.

the photo below was taken by Peter O'Obrien, who is also a cancer survivor.

I will be going into NYC on Wednesday to meet with Angelo a photographer who documented his wife's journey through Breast Cancer then Brain cancer. I am going in the day before the exhibit because he understands that my immune system is not 100 percent and a room full of people is not a good thing of me - I am careful and have a mask, and use antibacterial wipes. I think meeting him the day before the show will be good - I can document him as he hangs the photos and talk with him about the photos and his wife.
Will be posting photos of my day with Angelo on Thursday. The website for the photo exhibit is http://www.mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com

January 21, 2012

Shoots for a Cure

Darlene Cunnup Photography is excited to announce a partnership with Shoots for a Cure (formerly known as Think Pink Photography). Think Pink Photography was founded in October 2007 to support individuals and their families who have been touched by breast cancer. We are a charitable organization that serves two main purposes – celebrating life and supporting the cause. Recently, we changed our name and our support. We now want to support ALL cancer patients, not just breast cancer.

Through our professional photographer network, we are helping cancer patients to celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. Individuals may choose to document their fight against the disease before or during treatment, or prefer to capture their victory by scheduling a session within 12 months after treatment is completed. Photographers world-wide are now available to donate time and talent to celebrate life and support the cause. There is no cost or obligation to the cancer patient. Clients participating in a Shoots for a Cure session will receive a complimentary photo session, as well as a set of 10 small prints from the session. They will also receive a discount on any additional portraits they wish to purchase, although there is absolutely no purchase required at any time.

To support the cause, we donate and fundraise for The American Cancer Society and the Susan G Komen Foundation. All funds generated through donations and various fundraising efforts are paid directly to The American Cancer Society, the Susan G Komen Foundation, in our name, or used 100% for marketing and awareness of our program.

Please subscribe to our blog (on the Shoots for a Cure website) and tell your friends and family about Shoots for a Cure. Awareness is everything and we can’t be successful without you.

I encourage you to view our website, make a donation, or hire a photographer that supports Shoots for a Cure! If you hire me, mention Shoots for a Cure and I will make a personal donation to the organization. If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule a Shoots for a Cure session, please contact me for details.

I am very proud to be a network photographer with Shoots for a Cure, and am anxious to get the word out about this amazing program. For more information, you can contact me, or you can visit the Shoots for a Cure website at http://shootsforacure.com

Shoots for a Cure - Network Photographer

January 20, 2012

Radiation #16 completed today

16 down 14 more to go then it's off to SC to be with my family and some friends. I haven't seen my family since July 2010 - they couldn't come to visit while I was sick - dad can't travel and mom has to stay with him and my aunt can't travel. My sister wanted to come visit while I was going through chemo but I said no because I wasn't in the mood for visitors - even if they are family. I am going for a 9 day visit at end of February when Radiation is over with.

I am trying to stay up to date with my blog and trying to document my journey - I take the photos but sometimes I am just not good at getting images organized

A friend of mine in SC is doing a magazine and I will be a contributor - it will be cool to have my photos and projects in the magazine. My first project/article is my story as a Photographer living with Breast Cancer. I got my pet scan from my surgeon so I can possibly use it in my story. I have to say it is scary to see the black dots under my arm and know it's Cancer.

On January 24 or 25 I will go into the City (NYC) to see a photo exhibit of a man who documented his wife's journey through Cancer - she had Stage 3B breast cancer, it scares me because I have stage 3A. I can't wait to meet Angelo and see the photos.

Love the books I have been ready by Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Cancer. She really rocks, love her positive energy.

January 12, 2012

Radiation #11, rainbows, portraits and so much more

so far so good - no side effects
It's rough getting up so early in the winter months to leave the house at 6:30am to get to Radiation by 7am but I am doing it. I do not like the cold so getting up is hard especially when it is raining - i shot the image below with my phone

My hair is growing back - it's either going to be dark or salt and pepper - if I don't like it I might just shave it off again and start over

I went to a meeting on sunday with a gourd of women Photographers in Harlem, NY - Deb's is a great hostess and photographer and took photos of everyone that wanted photos. I needed headshots for a magazine I am going to be a contributor in below are a couple of photos that she took

this is such a good message - I love joy and try to bring it into my life all year long

I got the books I ordered from Crazy, Sexy Cancer - Kris Carr - she rocks the cancer for sure. Love her books i bought 3. her message is great and very inspiring.

I had gifts from an incredible lady waiting on me when I got home today

I am now a member of Shoots for a cure -
Celebrating Life
Through our professional photographer network, we are helping cancer patients to celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. Sessions are available to document the fight before or during treatment or to celebrate the victory when treatment is completed. Please see the “Celebrating” page under the “Info” section of this site for more details and information.

January 5, 2012

I removed photos from my blog!!

I understand rules and policy. As a photographer I do respect the NO PHOTO signs but I am documenting my journey through Breast Cancer and I feel I have a right to take photos of the process.

I wondered why when I went to my radiation appt on Tuesday - the tech mentioned getting an email about not letting people take photos. Well she was referring to the fact that I had photos on my blog that the office mgr there seems to be using as an example because had a had molds with people's names on them (which you couldn't see by the way) -
First of all ask me to remove the photo before you go around making an example of me!!! I would have simply said I did not notice that - sorry and cropped the photo so they did not show!!!! I have removed photos in question from my blog - I will crop and repost later!!

I really can not wait to be done with radiation and doctors and hospitals!!! I had a much better experience with Chemo!!

January 3, 2012

Focus 52 - 2012

So I decided to do the focus 52 instead of the normal 365 photo a day - which means I will take a photo a wk all year instead of a photo a day. I would never be able to keep up with the 365 at least I didn't in 2011 because I was diagnosed with Breast cancer.

I feel like my life sort of took a twist from the normal - my 2011 was all about doctors, surgery, chemo, work, diet, exercise and staying positive. I let my 2 rooms at the house I live in get out of control with clutter. I did keep photography going by documenting my journey and the life around me when I could.

I chose my word for 2012 REVIVE!!
the definition for Revive is to restore to consciousness or life, to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back, to renew in the mind or memory

I need to do all of the above since battling Breast Cancer in 2011 – I stayed positive and kept my photography going but I feel like I missed out on alot since I was recovering most of the year. 2012 is my come back year – hoping to be at camp shutter sisters this year too!!

here's a link to the Focus 52


January 2, 2012

New Year and hoping for healthy year!!!

hoping to get organized - amazing what happens when you are sick and can't clean or stay organized! I have to organize the little office space soon, I can't be creative when the room is such a mess!! the clutter is not helping me be creative at all - it got out of control when I learned i had breast cancer and got worse when I started chemo - so fatigued after chemo and working that all I wanted to do was get in bed and not deal with anything else.

I wanted to start cleaning over the New years 3 day weekend but living with my mother in law sometimes messes with what I need to do - it's her house and if she has guests over I can't drag all my stuff out and try to clean. Living here in this house has been interesting and I really do have a lot of patience - I need to take the sage and bless this house to get the negative energy out - I feel it as soon as I walk through the front door. I have lived here 16 yrs with it and survived but I am beyond tired of it. Be gone negative spirits Be gone!!!!!

ha!! sitting here typing this and listening to Cali snore!!! OMG - he is loud!!

So much photography that I want to do have to find a way to do it all - need to get some photo exhibits of this year but not sure I am ready for that yet - still have the left arm to watch out for- I don't' want the swelling and lymphedema to start.

Cali and Daisey love the new scratching pad Greg's mom got them for Christmas