January 22, 2012

Joyce O'Brein

I got to speak with Joyce O'Brien today at a reception for a baby's baptism. I first met her at a Girl's Night Out in NYC when I bought her book "Choose to Live". Joyce is a Breast Cancer survivor not once but twice - the last being Stage 4 BC. Joyce is quite an inspiration and she follows the same whole food diet I do but she is more strict with it. I have weak moments but for the most part I stick to the Whole foods - organic fruits and veggies.

the photo below was taken by Peter O'Obrien, who is also a cancer survivor.

I will be going into NYC on Wednesday to meet with Angelo a photographer who documented his wife's journey through Breast Cancer then Brain cancer. I am going in the day before the exhibit because he understands that my immune system is not 100 percent and a room full of people is not a good thing of me - I am careful and have a mask, and use antibacterial wipes. I think meeting him the day before the show will be good - I can document him as he hangs the photos and talk with him about the photos and his wife.
Will be posting photos of my day with Angelo on Thursday. The website for the photo exhibit is http://www.mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com

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