November 27, 2011

Reclaiming my photo mojo!!!!

A friend recommended I read The Dot - yes it is a children's book but if you are an artist - I recommend you read it - powerful little book. I love the book the Giving Tree too.

Red velvet mini cupcakes for Thanksgiving were great!!!!

the Thanksgiving table was set by Greg's mom - she always does everything so nice.

We had candles lit and I thought they were cool to photograph

I went out to a local nursey today to check out the Christmas decorations and saw that Santa brought his 2 reindeer

There were a lot of Santa's on a shelf that I thought were neat!!

the Nutcrackers are ready for work!!!

Ok were you Naughty or Nice?????

Cute little Mouse is ready to decorate her tree - love the Annalee dolls

November 25, 2011

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for??
I am thankful that I discovered my my breast cancer early, chemo is over with and most of all for Greg, family and friends.

November 23, 2011

Tomorrow will be 6 months

Tomorrow 11/24/11 - Thanksgiving will be 6 months since I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Breast Cancer - Yep got the phone call on May 24, 2011. I finished chemo treatment on 11/17/11 - woo hoo!! Now I wait to find out about Radiation schedule and aim to be CANCER FREE.
It still feels surreal to me but I know it is real

I tried to document my story since I am a photographer but I have felt unorganized and unmotivated to do anything - the chemo really takes a toll on you especially when you choose to continue working to keep a paycheck and insurance!! I want to maybe do an exhibit of my photos to show people my story but did I tell my story??

It's been a crazy journey so far and I hope to continue on for years to come with it and maybe turn my journey into something for others to be inspired by.

November 18, 2011

artwork by Robert Shanley

Had my head painted at Arts in Plaza October 30 and Robert took photos - he sent me this one and I love it - Thanks Bob

November 17, 2011

Makeup on my bald head, Red velvet cupcakes and last chemo 11/17/11

I got my head painted with Makeup by Andi again for this last Chemo - gotta have fun with it.

I made cards and calendars for the Chemo Nurses for my last Chemo treatment. I bought red velvet mini cupcakes, as well as vanilla and chocolate - they will love me in chemo for sure.

Jeannie and Kathy reading the cards I gave them....

I am glad the chemo is finally over now it's on to radiation in late December early January.
below are photos from my last chemo treatment today!!

the Chemo Nurses - Antoinette, and me (we both graduated from chemo today)

Antoinette and Donna

Eileen and Kathy

Antoinette asleep - she falls asleep every time - we have to talk fast when she comes in before she goes out - love her

Kathy with my LAST Chemo bag!! woo hoo!!!!

me and Antoinette

November 15, 2011

Sometimes we have to wear Masks!!!

I took masks home to photograph but haven't done it yet - well I did snap this one shot of me wearing the pink one - I like it!!!!

November 13, 2011

The Pink Peace Van

So this year I took photos of my white Peace Van as I went places and starting now I think I will do it with the Pink Peace Van!!

I will try to remember with my chemo brain to take photos of my journey with this little van..... ha!!

Peace love photography

November 12, 2011

Shoes that Intrigue me Part 2

I had an exhibit at a local Library of shoes that intrigue me - I was inspired by the shoes I see on the feet of people in NYC!!! I borrowed shoes from where I work that the models wear when modeling the Costumes. Some of the shoes are just works of art to me - I especially love the Ellie shoes - her shoes are gorgeous.

Peace Love Photography

November 10, 2011

Saw this tshirt and I want it!!

I say this all the time especially now that I am bald - and it works well with me being a photographer too... of course the t-shirt was on a young man who is "handicapped" but very precious - I wonder if they make it for adults - I am on a mission now!!! ha!!

November 8, 2011

take a photo it last longer!!!!!!

People stare at me all the time now since I am bald headed -once in awhile someone is brave enough to ask why I am bald headed - I simply say I have breast cancer and the chemo made my hair fall out!!! they seem sad until I say "i have embraced my baldness and it'll grow back!!!"
kids are honest and speak their mind so when they ask why I dont have hair - I simply say I wanted to be Charlie Brown for Halloween!!!
I do sometimes want to get a tshirt or carry a sign that says "take a picture, it'll last longer!!" But I have found if you just stare back at them, they get nervous and usually walk away.

my hair will go back and until it does I will be embracing the baldness and letting artist paint on it!!!

November 6, 2011

Side effect from Taxol - chemo

of course I would get the acheness (is that a word??) effect from the chemo!!! the whole body aches - it feels like the same ache you get when you have the flu times 100 - sometimes it comes in waves - the pain makes you miserable!!!
I probably got 4 hours sleep with the pain and time change. I dont like to complain but this ache is horrible. I will probably ache until tuesday. the good news is I only gave one more treatment and I am done with Chemo!!!!
I still haven't found a BC group like the one in Charlotte that gets together to talk, hang out and share. of course for me going to art workshops when I can is good for me. I really loved the Soul Collage workshop I attended in Long Beach
My photography has totally helped me through this journey.

peace love photography

November 5, 2011

Today is my Birthday

I had chemo on Thursday and knew I wouldn't be up for anything today. I am actually cat/house sitting for a friend until Nov 12.

So on my birthday as I sit here on her couch watching back to future 3, and enjoying the quiet - alone on my Birthday - I am happy. I have taken some photos and talked to my mom and a great BC sister in Texas.

I can't post photos because I have no internet connection except for my phone
so photos will be posted from work on Tuesday

greg got me a new/used laptop for my bday. I have to get a new bag

chemo didnt make me ache too bad this time - good thing

peace love photography to all

November 3, 2011

Chemo treatment #7

I took some photos on my walk to the Oncologist office today of leaves, halloween sign my shoes - I will have to post tomorrow because even though I am on my new laptop I don't' have images on it yet and don't have card reader up in bedroom with me. I am resting after the chemo - tired and had an up set stomach either from the lettuce on my burrito or from the cheese on my pizza yesterday - i think it's the gallstone/gallbladder more than the chemo......
today as I sat in Chemo I realized I will miss the chemo nurses - they are great women ad have helped me through the 4 months of chemo!! the laughter, the talks, the sharing of stories - these women are there to make your experience more bearable and I love them for that!!
I will be finishing my Chemo on Nov 17 and will give them big hugs, take photos, share gifts, and embrace the fact that I will still see them when ever I can visit and well as long as i have my port in I will be seeing them for flushings - cleanings of the port!!
Radiation will start 4 weeks after chemo - I am hoping for a quiet start to winter since I will probably be starting in January!!
I have plans for when I am done.... like a helicopter ride over Manhattan (always wanted to do that and my friend Debra said she and her husband will take me up to celebrate!! awesome!!), photo trips with friends and a short visit home in February - hoping to have one night out with a group of friends there......
As I type this my cat Cali is resting next to me. Cali has been with me since I rescued him but since I was my diagnosed with Breast cancer he has been my shadow always with me and loving on me. when you rescue animals they know they will be loved and have found their forever homes.

I should be documenting my time in chemo more but the patients don't always won't to be photographed so I shoot the Poison that goes in my body, a couple of the nurses, signs around the room, my shoes, Kathy's shoes, self portraits, but I will documenting my last treatment and whoever is there for sure!!!! I am hoping to do an exhibit of the photos at some point. I would so love to be able to shoot more patients - how do I go about asking they don't seem to be embracing it like I am!!!!

Ok so photos to post tomorrow!!!!

Peace love photography