November 6, 2011

Side effect from Taxol - chemo

of course I would get the acheness (is that a word??) effect from the chemo!!! the whole body aches - it feels like the same ache you get when you have the flu times 100 - sometimes it comes in waves - the pain makes you miserable!!!
I probably got 4 hours sleep with the pain and time change. I dont like to complain but this ache is horrible. I will probably ache until tuesday. the good news is I only gave one more treatment and I am done with Chemo!!!!
I still haven't found a BC group like the one in Charlotte that gets together to talk, hang out and share. of course for me going to art workshops when I can is good for me. I really loved the Soul Collage workshop I attended in Long Beach
My photography has totally helped me through this journey.

peace love photography

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  1. You really are my Shero and you have been through it!I admire you so much it's incredable!When I hurt,I think there is no cure for any of my illnesses,but you are a fighter and so am I!I have grown to love you as a good friend.You have to be a wonderful person to go through this and tell everyone!I hope to someday meet you as you are a very special person!Love ya SHERO!!!! Gaye