July 29, 2012

My 500 word story

I just sent my story off to my hometown magazine - Fort Mill Magazine.  I wrote 500 words about my journey with Breast Cancer and how being a photographer helped me.  I had alot to say so 500 words was not easy and then choosing photos to go with story - I took so many photos along my journey - below are just a few.  My story isn't special - I am just hoping to inspire people to be happy even at the toughest point in their lives.

The blur I felt while doing my first BC walk - I was still going through chemo treatments at this time.

 I colored my hair pink after my 3rd chemo treatment but it fell out so quickly I had it shaved off the saved day

These are some of the handouts you get about the treatments you will be going through

I went to the beach to take photos one day

this is me from December 3, 2011 I had finished chemo and was pet sitting when I did this self portrait.

July 28, 2012

My new necklace

My passion in life is photography - having this passion really helped me through some tough times in my life including Breast Cancer.  I always carry a camera with me.

July 24, 2012

Doctor's reports

I didn't sleep well - biopsy today on thyroid - should be fine - my endocologist said the size changed on one of the nodules we were watching - I am ready to see the doctor who did the report on the sono to let her know the report said my sister had breast cancer when in fact it was ME with Breat cancer - get your reports from your doctors ladies and always read them - I am going to try and remain calm but if you cant get info about me in report right how can in trust what you are doing??? My endocologist made a comment about the report on Friday and how he was sorry my sister was in battle too - I didn't understand whatbhe meant at first until he gave me the report - OMG is the radiologist insane -she know it's me with Breast cancer - we had the conversion how no one else in my family except an Aunt has had cancer - this radiologist will get a piece of mind BC mind today - I will be taking myself backmto the Women's wellness center for another sono - they did it last year for me since I was going through the BC there.

July 16, 2012

July 9, 2012


I didn't get any photos of the fireworks on July 4 but I was able to capture some fireworks last night in the town I live in - I was like a little kid taking photos with my little point and shoot camera - the SLR batteries were both dead - go figure!!!!

July 6, 2012

To be continued

My hair has grown in now - still short but I like it - I was looking for the photos of when my head was painted with makeup to show a nurse at the oncologist office when I came across this one.  To be continued.... yes I am continuing to stay positive and smile and life is getting back to normal sort of.  I know life will never be the same since I am now living with TNBC but i can't stop living - I will conitnue to carry on with my life, laugh, smile, take lots of photos and enjoy time with family and friends.

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

woke up to rain but now it's muggy and sunny - hoping it doesn't rain tonight like forecasted - so I can try and get some shots of the fire works.

photos to follow