July 29, 2012

My 500 word story

I just sent my story off to my hometown magazine - Fort Mill Magazine.  I wrote 500 words about my journey with Breast Cancer and how being a photographer helped me.  I had alot to say so 500 words was not easy and then choosing photos to go with story - I took so many photos along my journey - below are just a few.  My story isn't special - I am just hoping to inspire people to be happy even at the toughest point in their lives.

The blur I felt while doing my first BC walk - I was still going through chemo treatments at this time.

 I colored my hair pink after my 3rd chemo treatment but it fell out so quickly I had it shaved off the saved day

These are some of the handouts you get about the treatments you will be going through

I went to the beach to take photos one day

this is me from December 3, 2011 I had finished chemo and was pet sitting when I did this self portrait.

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