September 22, 2011

4 down - 4 to go

Ok so October 6 marks the 5th chemo and a new drug - taxol -suppose to be slow drip on this one - not looking forward to being there for 5 hrs and hoping it doesn't make me sick!!! Th oncologist said this is the drug with the least side effects - ok
I just can't wait to feel normal again - so tired be having no energy an don being able to taste.
Potassium level was low this time around and I wonder if it is because I am not doing the dinner smoothies?? I have no energy to make it - guess I need to drink more Gary null drink mix and eat spinach salads!!!!!
It's been a hard week with side effects and tiredness!!! I have been going to work but did leave early yesterday!!
Going to NJ this weekend - if it doesn't rain!! Looking forward to a day with Susan and Joy
Susan sent a flyer from a girl in her office that is doing a cancer run/walk in support of me - how sweet and her friend Jo and her daughters did one in portland in support of me too - people/strangers can be so nice - funny how friends seem to disappear!! Not all of them but the ones you thought you could count on!!! Whatever I know who my true friends are and we all handle things differently - peace love and photography to all!!!!

September 14, 2011

Ready for another day

People say I am strong - I am just trying to carrying on. I wish I had to opportunity to stay home and rest during this journey through chemo but I have to work - I need the paycheck and the benefits!!!!! This is chemo week so I will have chemo tomorrow -thursday - and work from home on Friday and Monday because of the fatigue!! It's not easy there have been side effects that make it harder to carry on but I do!! The women I have connected with have all been great sharing stories but one really stands out and that is Diane - I think we have had all the same side effects of this poison called chemo so it's great to talk with her!!

I have an Photo exhibit coming up in October - glad it's only 12 photos but still I needy come up with 12 photos to hang!! I will pull it together and decide on the images - maybe even do one for the journey inamgoing through!!! I put everything on hold but this slipped by me!! Ha!!

I have to get my pet sitting and photography business built up again!! So inn2012 I am ready to rock - I haven't had to energy to process images from may and June and July that I took for people so bad of me!!!!!!!

Ok so tomorrow is chemo #4 - woo hoo!! Only 4 more to go after tomorrow.....

September 7, 2011

3rd chemo treatment down - 5 to go!!!!

I am so behind and I am sorry - the fatigue from the chemo is really bad for me!! I had my 3rd treatment on Sept 1 and of course mother nature had to show her face too!! Dr. K said i should stop getting period and I hope so cause the fatigue is like 12x worse!!!!!!!

I was actually headed home to SC to see my family on August 24 - but we had thunderstorms here that delayed flights and as I sat at the airport feeling worse and worse I knew I had to cancel my plans. thanks to the lady at the USAIR desk who said I should just go to baggage area 2 pick up my bags and call Greg - she had already given me credit for my ticket - sweetie that she was!! Hurricane Irene came and went - we didn't get damage - thank goodness!! it was a crazy weekend though!!

Saw Dr. K yesterday and he says I am doing great. I am on the whole food diet(fruits and veggies) and green drinks so I know that helps!!! My 4th treatment is on Sept 15 then 2 weeks off due to the Jewish holiday. Hoping to go to NJ with S and J for a day at Grounds for Sculpture!!! love that place!!!

I got some great cards from some friends and a bracelet from my childhood BFF. A good friend and fellow cancer patient sent me a couple of hats ( so cute and sassy) - it's nice to know people care.

Ok I am going to try to be better with the blogging I promise!! I have to get more organized at home - I told Greg we look like hoarders with all the stuff in the bedroom that we brought up from basement in case of flood from Irene and of course I didn't get to unpack from my canceled trip home and just having no energy to clean!!

Peace Love Photography