September 22, 2011

4 down - 4 to go

Ok so October 6 marks the 5th chemo and a new drug - taxol -suppose to be slow drip on this one - not looking forward to being there for 5 hrs and hoping it doesn't make me sick!!! Th oncologist said this is the drug with the least side effects - ok
I just can't wait to feel normal again - so tired be having no energy an don being able to taste.
Potassium level was low this time around and I wonder if it is because I am not doing the dinner smoothies?? I have no energy to make it - guess I need to drink more Gary null drink mix and eat spinach salads!!!!!
It's been a hard week with side effects and tiredness!!! I have been going to work but did leave early yesterday!!
Going to NJ this weekend - if it doesn't rain!! Looking forward to a day with Susan and Joy
Susan sent a flyer from a girl in her office that is doing a cancer run/walk in support of me - how sweet and her friend Jo and her daughters did one in portland in support of me too - people/strangers can be so nice - funny how friends seem to disappear!! Not all of them but the ones you thought you could count on!!! Whatever I know who my true friends are and we all handle things differently - peace love and photography to all!!!!

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