June 30, 2012

Good Deeds

I am dog/bird/house sitting and had to run out early this morning to make it to an appt for a thyroid sonogram as I was going down a busy street I noticed a dog slowly limping across the street.  I had to stop and check on him/her.   My 2nd good deed of the week.
first one was burying a baby bird that had died - of course I took photos of it and was in such a state over the dog forgot to take his photos and Blue was gorgeous.

This is a photo of Morgan the dog I am pet sitting for - i will have to post cobber the bird at a later time

June 26, 2012

Reflection of You

today the class Reflection of You starts with Kim K and Xanthe so excited to start - I need this boost and inspiration to get my blog back in shape!! 


June 14, 2012

is it really Greener on the other side??

Some people always look for the other side of life thinking it's always greener.

Personally I just enjoy my life and what I have.  Sure having more $$ would be nice or a bigger house but I believe if you just live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy - instead of sitting around wondering if it is greener on the other side - this is the best way to live.

June 10, 2012

Living so close to the Beach

I do love living so close to Long Beach, NY - I can go right after work and take a walk on the beach to ease the stress of the day.

I never know what I will find on my walks.  I stopped off a new street for me and took lots of photos by the ocean - great day.

Sand Art by the Ocean

June 9, 2012

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on..

Yep!!   I say this all the time you.  You can't sit around felling sorry for yourself - go for a walk it helps lift your spirits up.

I am always looking for the brighter side of life even while going through the process of being told I had breast cancer I laughed and said bring it on I will fight!!

My bright side is easy to find with my camera - as long as I can take photos I am good!!

the monster that is cancer will not bring me down or make me eat junk food!!!  ha!!  Eat your veggies and fruit people.

June 8, 2012

the color Orange

the Shutter sisters are doing colors this month so I am trying to keep up 

these are my favorite shoes for the summer - the color is burnt orange and I wear them as much as I can to add a splash of color to my life - by the way I love wearing blue jeans too!!!!

this is one of my cat clients that I house sit for - he is one handsome fellow

June 6, 2012

My little Pink Van

I have to find my Pink Van - can't remember where I last photographed it and need it for my adventures
the search continues tonight!!!

the Pink Van at a Chemo session

Peace Love Photography!!!!

June 5, 2012

I have a post on Shutter Sisters

Awesome to find my "Art is my weapon" in Pink on the Shutter Sister site today.

As a photographer living with Breast Cancer - I was diagnosed in May of 2011 in which a sore left breast and a swollen lymph node led to 2 needle biopsies, a lumpectomy, 8 wicked chemo treatments, 5days a week for 7 weeks of radiation and a lot of photos.

I have been told many times that I am not your typical breast cancer patient and I think that’s true. I didn’t let the word Cancer or being sick beat me. I attacked it head on with my camera in hand! My camera has been my partner in crime since I was a child and it's always helped me through the ups and downs life throws at me. My passion for photography is what helped me through this journey and what will continue to help me. I never thought pink was my color until my diagnoses but since then, I have been wearing more pink and playing with pink in my images.

The stencil art on 7th Avenue in Manhattan stated exactly what I feel; "Art is my Weapon". Photography is my weapon. I added a pink color tint to it to really represent me right now.


June 4, 2012

Red is bold!!

 Shutter sisters are doing color this month and Red is the first color.


My toes are always red too!! 

June 3, 2012

High Tea at the Wheatley School

Friday afternoon, June !, 2012, I went to the Wheatley school for a High Tea to help support the Friends of the Hempstead Plains - enjoyed it.

June 1, 2012

Postcard swap

Time to get some new postcards printed for the postcard swap this year - last year was the first year for it and I had just started Chemo when I received my first postcard of the 6 it totally made my day!!

I loved getting works of art as I went through chemo the timing was perfect on the delivery of the postcards for me. 

This year will be even better. http://kateyestudio.com/liberate-your-art-postcard-swap