July 25, 2011

Crazy day

Are you kidding me i wait over an hour for an appointment to see the surgeon for a post op to the Port surgery and he take s the Bandage off and  says see you in 4 months - my response was H*** no you are going to answer some questions for me _I didn't just wait an hour for that!!!!  he took me in his office and we talked - funny guy I really like him!!
the bandage is off the Port~~~!! ha!!  - 

then it was off to the Chemo teaching appt that I was now 30 minutes late for
the calendar of my next 2 months of Treatment - guess I won't be using cell phone to shoot in this office - check out the lines!!  my digital better not have this effect!!

Pen holder in Oncologist office - they put flowers on the pens so you have to return them!!!  ha!!

Forgot the Peace moblie went with me to the city (NYC) on Saturday but to hot to enjoy myself - will post more photos of the city adventure tomorrow.

July 24, 2011

Not a good day!!

Today was not a good day - I am sick!! And still sore from having the port put in for chemo!!!
I went to NYC yesterday and wanted to post photos from the adventure but I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose - nom fever but I feel horrible and wondering with lymph nodes being removed should I be worried??
I see surgeon tomorrow and then go to the chemo teaching session!! I will ask if I can get antibiotics since I am sick and will be flying home on Wednesday. Excited about trip home, I get to see my parents, take down a photo exhibit and hang the photos at WSOC. It" ll be fun to hang out with mom and dad and their dog ginger but I am also going to get my hair cut off!! Yep, going for a pixie style, i will post photos of the haircut in progress and the final cut I am sure Karl will make me look great he always does!!!
This journey I am on into the world of breast cancer is scary but I am very positive and staying that way!!!!
I also had sad news yesterday an incredible man I grew up with was dead. Very sad about this - I emailed his oldest daughter and she said he would want the, to be strong and that is what she was doing!! My prayers and thoughts are with the Adams family!

Will post photos tomorrow when I hopefully feel better!!!

Peace love photography!!!

July 22, 2011

July 22 - went for fitting of sleeve!!

 this is where I went to get fitted for the sleeve

 Monica and Alicia trying to find a good fit for me - they chose the Jobst sleeve

 Love her!!!

 ended up in Long Beach to buy the sleeve - they gave me a discount!!

 the reading material

cali loves his mama

Cali is always by my side!!!

 My new bracelet - says Let arm no BP or needles on the backside!!

I took the bandage off so I can finally take a shower after 48 hrs!!!  X marks the spot!!  

Card I will carry with me until port is taken out - wait a minute that means more surgery - Darn it!!!

July 21, 2011

These are the photos I took on July 20 when I had port put in

the tag for the day!!!

 in Pre-op from 11 until 1:45 - Greg was with me 

Greg took this in Post op with the ipad - we were so ready to go home it was 4;15

this was the iv in the right hand - no more touching the left arm - the nurse that put this one in was good at it - it hurt like h---!!

 apples juice and crackers to recover with - ate these like I was striving to death - hadn't eaten since tuesday!!!

Greg went to get the car- i took this photo while waiting on Paul with the wheelchair

 still waiting on Paul with the wheelchair

Awesome I see daylight!!!  woo hoo!!

bandage marks the spot where port is!!!!

July 20, 2011

Getting port put in today for when I start Chemo

Here are some of the photos I have taken in the past weeks - I need to get better at blogging my journey

so true!!

my fat girl Daisey!!!  she's a daddy's girl (follows Greg everywhere)

the ocean relaxes me - I will be spending lots of time here after 5pm!!

life guard stand and full moon - shot with camera on phone!!

I am a dog sitter and Layla is one of my newer clients - her brother and sister are boxers

ok I love these shoes!!

off to NJ to see Susan - peace cuffing it.

Got  this bracelet at the Breast Cancer booth at the craft fair in Long Beach July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011

Grounds for Sculpture with my dear friend Susan

this is my dear friend Susan - I told her I needed NJ time and she met me at the Hamilton station for a fun day at Farmers Market and Grounds for Sculpture.

She makes me laugh

She bought me this pin to show the love and support.....

This is one of my favorite spots at Grounds for Sculpture - and so the journey continues..........

July 6, 2011

A&A Maternity session May 7, 2011

Ok back in May of this year got to do this maternity session for my dear friends Adam and Antonia.  They had a beautiful baby girl on June 27 so next will be the newborn session!!!

July 3, 2011

Breast Cancer

In February 20 of this year I noticed a soreness in my left breast and told my hematologist/medical oncologist about it , the next morning I noticed a swollen lymph node - I was already scheduled for a mamo and sonogram on March 7 - these tests just showed the swollen lymph node.  My doctor gave me antibiotics and the lymph node became the size of a grape so we weren't thinking it was cancer and the blood test weren't showing anything abnormal - I was seeing my hematologist/medical oncologist weekly but the lymph node wasn't going back to normal .  On May 6 my hematologist/medical oncologist said he wanted me to see a surgeon to have lymph node removed - I saw the surgeon on May 12 and told him the bottom of my breast was now sore - felt like I was sleeping on rocks - he flet nothing but was sending me for a needle biopsy - which turned into 2 because of the sore spot!!!  the doctor and nurse said I was the best patient they had ever had - I just talked and laughed the whole time with them - I  didn't realized it had taken 3hrs- Greg was in the waiting room watching soap operas and worrying about me because it was taking so long.  The "FUN" part was when they finished and I was told I had to now go have a mamo to make sure markers were in right spots!!!!  Are you f-ing kidding me after what you just did now I have a mamo!! ha!!  - it was ok not too much pain since i was still numb.
Surgery was June 28th and I am told it went well - even though doctor was surprised to find cancer in 6 lymph nodes!!  the recovery from the anesthesia was not good for me 5 hrs in recovery!!!  I have now been home recovery and doing well.  Already able to get arm over head.  still numb under arm and on breast but surgeon says that will go away but under arm it may always stay numb - interesting!!
I have already been taking photos and trying to  document my journey.  will take camera to next appt and try to take photos of what's going on as they take drainage tube out!!