July 25, 2011

Crazy day

Are you kidding me i wait over an hour for an appointment to see the surgeon for a post op to the Port surgery and he take s the Bandage off and  says see you in 4 months - my response was H*** no you are going to answer some questions for me _I didn't just wait an hour for that!!!!  he took me in his office and we talked - funny guy I really like him!!
the bandage is off the Port~~~!! ha!!  - 

then it was off to the Chemo teaching appt that I was now 30 minutes late for
the calendar of my next 2 months of Treatment - guess I won't be using cell phone to shoot in this office - check out the lines!!  my digital better not have this effect!!

Pen holder in Oncologist office - they put flowers on the pens so you have to return them!!!  ha!!

Forgot the Peace moblie went with me to the city (NYC) on Saturday but to hot to enjoy myself - will post more photos of the city adventure tomorrow.


  1. you brought the mobile!! ..
    smile - YOU ARE LOVED

  2. yes but was too hot to do more - I did take some on the point and shoot will post at some point - the peace van and red bug willl be going to SC with me too!!