July 3, 2011

Breast Cancer

In February 20 of this year I noticed a soreness in my left breast and told my hematologist/medical oncologist about it , the next morning I noticed a swollen lymph node - I was already scheduled for a mamo and sonogram on March 7 - these tests just showed the swollen lymph node.  My doctor gave me antibiotics and the lymph node became the size of a grape so we weren't thinking it was cancer and the blood test weren't showing anything abnormal - I was seeing my hematologist/medical oncologist weekly but the lymph node wasn't going back to normal .  On May 6 my hematologist/medical oncologist said he wanted me to see a surgeon to have lymph node removed - I saw the surgeon on May 12 and told him the bottom of my breast was now sore - felt like I was sleeping on rocks - he flet nothing but was sending me for a needle biopsy - which turned into 2 because of the sore spot!!!  the doctor and nurse said I was the best patient they had ever had - I just talked and laughed the whole time with them - I  didn't realized it had taken 3hrs- Greg was in the waiting room watching soap operas and worrying about me because it was taking so long.  The "FUN" part was when they finished and I was told I had to now go have a mamo to make sure markers were in right spots!!!!  Are you f-ing kidding me after what you just did now I have a mamo!! ha!!  - it was ok not too much pain since i was still numb.
Surgery was June 28th and I am told it went well - even though doctor was surprised to find cancer in 6 lymph nodes!!  the recovery from the anesthesia was not good for me 5 hrs in recovery!!!  I have now been home recovery and doing well.  Already able to get arm over head.  still numb under arm and on breast but surgeon says that will go away but under arm it may always stay numb - interesting!!
I have already been taking photos and trying to  document my journey.  will take camera to next appt and try to take photos of what's going on as they take drainage tube out!!

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