July 22, 2011

July 22 - went for fitting of sleeve!!

 this is where I went to get fitted for the sleeve

 Monica and Alicia trying to find a good fit for me - they chose the Jobst sleeve

 Love her!!!

 ended up in Long Beach to buy the sleeve - they gave me a discount!!

 the reading material

cali loves his mama

Cali is always by my side!!!

 My new bracelet - says Let arm no BP or needles on the backside!!

I took the bandage off so I can finally take a shower after 48 hrs!!!  X marks the spot!!  

Card I will carry with me until port is taken out - wait a minute that means more surgery - Darn it!!!


  1. did you get a rock n roll sleeve ?

  2. All they had were the plan sleeves - I am a photographer not an artist - my friend Morgen in VA said to draw my own with sharpies!!!!!

  3. There might be a tattoo artist that might be willing to adorn it for you :)

  4. We think alike morgen!!! I have an artist friend I am going to ask and I might see if a tattoo artist I know will do some magic for me!!

  5. HA! That would be so cool!