September 14, 2011

Ready for another day

People say I am strong - I am just trying to carrying on. I wish I had to opportunity to stay home and rest during this journey through chemo but I have to work - I need the paycheck and the benefits!!!!! This is chemo week so I will have chemo tomorrow -thursday - and work from home on Friday and Monday because of the fatigue!! It's not easy there have been side effects that make it harder to carry on but I do!! The women I have connected with have all been great sharing stories but one really stands out and that is Diane - I think we have had all the same side effects of this poison called chemo so it's great to talk with her!!

I have an Photo exhibit coming up in October - glad it's only 12 photos but still I needy come up with 12 photos to hang!! I will pull it together and decide on the images - maybe even do one for the journey inamgoing through!!! I put everything on hold but this slipped by me!! Ha!!

I have to get my pet sitting and photography business built up again!! So inn2012 I am ready to rock - I haven't had to energy to process images from may and June and July that I took for people so bad of me!!!!!!!

Ok so tomorrow is chemo #4 - woo hoo!! Only 4 more to go after tomorrow.....

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