September 7, 2011

3rd chemo treatment down - 5 to go!!!!

I am so behind and I am sorry - the fatigue from the chemo is really bad for me!! I had my 3rd treatment on Sept 1 and of course mother nature had to show her face too!! Dr. K said i should stop getting period and I hope so cause the fatigue is like 12x worse!!!!!!!

I was actually headed home to SC to see my family on August 24 - but we had thunderstorms here that delayed flights and as I sat at the airport feeling worse and worse I knew I had to cancel my plans. thanks to the lady at the USAIR desk who said I should just go to baggage area 2 pick up my bags and call Greg - she had already given me credit for my ticket - sweetie that she was!! Hurricane Irene came and went - we didn't get damage - thank goodness!! it was a crazy weekend though!!

Saw Dr. K yesterday and he says I am doing great. I am on the whole food diet(fruits and veggies) and green drinks so I know that helps!!! My 4th treatment is on Sept 15 then 2 weeks off due to the Jewish holiday. Hoping to go to NJ with S and J for a day at Grounds for Sculpture!!! love that place!!!

I got some great cards from some friends and a bracelet from my childhood BFF. A good friend and fellow cancer patient sent me a couple of hats ( so cute and sassy) - it's nice to know people care.

Ok I am going to try to be better with the blogging I promise!! I have to get more organized at home - I told Greg we look like hoarders with all the stuff in the bedroom that we brought up from basement in case of flood from Irene and of course I didn't get to unpack from my canceled trip home and just having no energy to clean!!

Peace Love Photography


  1. Hi Darlene
    I saw your comment to Oliag in her post card swap post and I had to come over and say hello to a fellow New Yorker and wish you the best. I looked at your professional photos and I can see you are very talented. Cheering you on towards the end of chemo -- keep up your wonderful attitude.

    Hugs, Pat

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Picturing the Year and leaving such a nice comment:) I always seem to be apoligizing for being behind too and I do not have the excuse you do! I do hope your medical journey is as gentle as possible...and I will be sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. thank you Pat and Oliag for the kind words
    hope to see you in the next postcard swap!!!

  4. Hi Darlene,

    just stopping by to say "hello" and let you know I was thinking of you today.