November 27, 2011

Reclaiming my photo mojo!!!!

A friend recommended I read The Dot - yes it is a children's book but if you are an artist - I recommend you read it - powerful little book. I love the book the Giving Tree too.

Red velvet mini cupcakes for Thanksgiving were great!!!!

the Thanksgiving table was set by Greg's mom - she always does everything so nice.

We had candles lit and I thought they were cool to photograph

I went out to a local nursey today to check out the Christmas decorations and saw that Santa brought his 2 reindeer

There were a lot of Santa's on a shelf that I thought were neat!!

the Nutcrackers are ready for work!!!

Ok were you Naughty or Nice?????

Cute little Mouse is ready to decorate her tree - love the Annalee dolls

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