December 2, 2011

Playing with Kim Klassen's textures

I was playing with KK yesteryear texture and some apples for my picture Inspiration photo

I am trying to stay motivated and positive even though it's not easy sometimes.
I registered for the Getting thru the Grey class with Vivienne McMaster - can't wait to start that class..... to keep me motivated during the winter months.
I want to attend the Shutter Sisters camp in 2012 so I am saving my money now!! I want it to be a gift to myself for making it through this crazy year with the BC. Hopefully the camp will be on the East Coast but if not I will travel out to CA for it.

I will find out about Radiation on Dec 9 and the Pet Scan - keeping fingers crossed that it shows no Cancer!!!!!


  1. WOW that is some pictures. I could smell the spiced apple cider and the smoking fireplace and Christmas tree. Great pic! Will say a prayer for you next week. I remember this scenario too well with my Mother. I also remember that each time she went for a check up, there was no cancer!

  2. Love love all the pic's Darlene. Rudolph looks like he was caught doing something that he wasnt suppose to. LOL (April McManus)

  3. thanks Kathy

    ha!! April - are you talking about the reindeers in the previous post - thanks for viewing my blog, xoxo

  4. I need to try these textures out! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your journey is inspiring. :-)