November 17, 2011

Makeup on my bald head, Red velvet cupcakes and last chemo 11/17/11

I got my head painted with Makeup by Andi again for this last Chemo - gotta have fun with it.

I made cards and calendars for the Chemo Nurses for my last Chemo treatment. I bought red velvet mini cupcakes, as well as vanilla and chocolate - they will love me in chemo for sure.

Jeannie and Kathy reading the cards I gave them....

I am glad the chemo is finally over now it's on to radiation in late December early January.
below are photos from my last chemo treatment today!!

the Chemo Nurses - Antoinette, and me (we both graduated from chemo today)

Antoinette and Donna

Eileen and Kathy

Antoinette asleep - she falls asleep every time - we have to talk fast when she comes in before she goes out - love her

Kathy with my LAST Chemo bag!! woo hoo!!!!

me and Antoinette

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