November 3, 2011

Chemo treatment #7

I took some photos on my walk to the Oncologist office today of leaves, halloween sign my shoes - I will have to post tomorrow because even though I am on my new laptop I don't' have images on it yet and don't have card reader up in bedroom with me. I am resting after the chemo - tired and had an up set stomach either from the lettuce on my burrito or from the cheese on my pizza yesterday - i think it's the gallstone/gallbladder more than the chemo......
today as I sat in Chemo I realized I will miss the chemo nurses - they are great women ad have helped me through the 4 months of chemo!! the laughter, the talks, the sharing of stories - these women are there to make your experience more bearable and I love them for that!!
I will be finishing my Chemo on Nov 17 and will give them big hugs, take photos, share gifts, and embrace the fact that I will still see them when ever I can visit and well as long as i have my port in I will be seeing them for flushings - cleanings of the port!!
Radiation will start 4 weeks after chemo - I am hoping for a quiet start to winter since I will probably be starting in January!!
I have plans for when I am done.... like a helicopter ride over Manhattan (always wanted to do that and my friend Debra said she and her husband will take me up to celebrate!! awesome!!), photo trips with friends and a short visit home in February - hoping to have one night out with a group of friends there......
As I type this my cat Cali is resting next to me. Cali has been with me since I rescued him but since I was my diagnosed with Breast cancer he has been my shadow always with me and loving on me. when you rescue animals they know they will be loved and have found their forever homes.

I should be documenting my time in chemo more but the patients don't always won't to be photographed so I shoot the Poison that goes in my body, a couple of the nurses, signs around the room, my shoes, Kathy's shoes, self portraits, but I will documenting my last treatment and whoever is there for sure!!!! I am hoping to do an exhibit of the photos at some point. I would so love to be able to shoot more patients - how do I go about asking they don't seem to be embracing it like I am!!!!

Ok so photos to post tomorrow!!!!

Peace love photography

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