October 30, 2011

Arts in Plaza, head painting and pumpkins!!

Today I went to Long Beach, NY to the Arts In the Plaza Halloween event to see some friends and take some photos. while i was there i also donated scarfs and gloves to a good cause and got my head painted!!

Cat and Robin Hood

Strawberry Shortcake

Love these candle holders

Donated my scarves and gloves to these girls - Long Beach girls Purl

Head painting and artwork by Shelly - not sure why I looked away from the camera but I love the drawing she did of me!!!

Tutu's were so cute and colorful!!!

When I got home form Long Beach - Greg was ready to crave the pumpkin so I had to document it in black and white


  1. amazing photos, you are getting better and better in your craft, Love this

  2. PS thank you for coming to the Plaza and showing off the fun we have!!

  3. I had a great time - wish I could have stayed longer but I got tired and these days I have to listen to my body - leave when I feel bad!!
    I am getting better at blogging and documenting my days!!