January 5, 2012

I removed photos from my blog!!

I understand rules and policy. As a photographer I do respect the NO PHOTO signs but I am documenting my journey through Breast Cancer and I feel I have a right to take photos of the process.

I wondered why when I went to my radiation appt on Tuesday - the tech mentioned getting an email about not letting people take photos. Well she was referring to the fact that I had photos on my blog that the office mgr there seems to be using as an example because had a had molds with people's names on them (which you couldn't see by the way) -
First of all ask me to remove the photo before you go around making an example of me!!! I would have simply said I did not notice that - sorry and cropped the photo so they did not show!!!! I have removed photos in question from my blog - I will crop and repost later!!

I really can not wait to be done with radiation and doctors and hospitals!!! I had a much better experience with Chemo!!

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  1. Don't sweat the small stuff Carlene. Only positive thoughts will help you heal...and that's what we all want!