January 3, 2012

Focus 52 - 2012

So I decided to do the focus 52 instead of the normal 365 photo a day - which means I will take a photo a wk all year instead of a photo a day. I would never be able to keep up with the 365 at least I didn't in 2011 because I was diagnosed with Breast cancer.

I feel like my life sort of took a twist from the normal - my 2011 was all about doctors, surgery, chemo, work, diet, exercise and staying positive. I let my 2 rooms at the house I live in get out of control with clutter. I did keep photography going by documenting my journey and the life around me when I could.

I chose my word for 2012 REVIVE!!
the definition for Revive is to restore to consciousness or life, to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back, to renew in the mind or memory

I need to do all of the above since battling Breast Cancer in 2011 – I stayed positive and kept my photography going but I feel like I missed out on alot since I was recovering most of the year. 2012 is my come back year – hoping to be at camp shutter sisters this year too!!

here's a link to the Focus 52



  1. I had your blog up on my computer in my office still so I decided to read up on the posts I missed...

    I know someone who did the 365 for all of 2011...I would never be able to stick with it either!! I'm glad you kept up the photography this past year!

    1. just noticed your post - sorry - I try to remember to do these things but don't always succeed.