January 2, 2012

New Year and hoping for healthy year!!!

hoping to get organized - amazing what happens when you are sick and can't clean or stay organized! I have to organize the little office space soon, I can't be creative when the room is such a mess!! the clutter is not helping me be creative at all - it got out of control when I learned i had breast cancer and got worse when I started chemo - so fatigued after chemo and working that all I wanted to do was get in bed and not deal with anything else.

I wanted to start cleaning over the New years 3 day weekend but living with my mother in law sometimes messes with what I need to do - it's her house and if she has guests over I can't drag all my stuff out and try to clean. Living here in this house has been interesting and I really do have a lot of patience - I need to take the sage and bless this house to get the negative energy out - I feel it as soon as I walk through the front door. I have lived here 16 yrs with it and survived but I am beyond tired of it. Be gone negative spirits Be gone!!!!!

ha!! sitting here typing this and listening to Cali snore!!! OMG - he is loud!!

So much photography that I want to do have to find a way to do it all - need to get some photo exhibits of this year but not sure I am ready for that yet - still have the left arm to watch out for- I don't' want the swelling and lymphedema to start.

Cali and Daisey love the new scratching pad Greg's mom got them for Christmas


  1. aww haha Cali and Daisey are too cute haha, glad they are enjoying there present....my mom got our cats a scratching pad too but they had no interest haha

    It would be awesome if you did some exhibits this year...let me know when you have them!!!

    1. My fat babies - love them even though they eat too much
      I am not sure about the exhibits this year - may wait until next unless I do my hometown again - got recover from everything and I don't have photos ready yet.