January 20, 2012

Radiation #16 completed today

16 down 14 more to go then it's off to SC to be with my family and some friends. I haven't seen my family since July 2010 - they couldn't come to visit while I was sick - dad can't travel and mom has to stay with him and my aunt can't travel. My sister wanted to come visit while I was going through chemo but I said no because I wasn't in the mood for visitors - even if they are family. I am going for a 9 day visit at end of February when Radiation is over with.

I am trying to stay up to date with my blog and trying to document my journey - I take the photos but sometimes I am just not good at getting images organized

A friend of mine in SC is doing a magazine and I will be a contributor - it will be cool to have my photos and projects in the magazine. My first project/article is my story as a Photographer living with Breast Cancer. I got my pet scan from my surgeon so I can possibly use it in my story. I have to say it is scary to see the black dots under my arm and know it's Cancer.

On January 24 or 25 I will go into the City (NYC) to see a photo exhibit of a man who documented his wife's journey through Cancer - she had Stage 3B breast cancer, it scares me because I have stage 3A. I can't wait to meet Angelo and see the photos.

Love the books I have been ready by Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Cancer. She really rocks, love her positive energy.

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