October 16, 2011

Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk was today!!

I did it - I walked the 5k along the boardwalk with my friend Linda, her sister in law and some ladies she works with at St. Catherine's.
I got to Jones Beach at 6:30 (I am always the early one) - I knew there would be alot of traffic later...in the morning.
below are photos from the morning - enjoy

below is a shot driving in - no one on road but me!!

Below is one of the welcome flags from the event

Below is Bart and Maria - great Volunteers at the event - Bart really helped me out when I got there!!

Below is me and Anthony - he asked if I would be interviewed since I had just started my Journey into breast cancer and had inspired some one - I just have a positive attitude and will beat this Cancer!!!!!

Below is Cherose and Jen - they were the ones doing the Interviewing for positive promotions and Breast cancer awareness.

Below is a photo that show some the walkers that were there!!

Below is what I call Tunnel Vision and it is how chemo makes me feel!!

Below is me and Chuck Schumer - U.S. Senator from NY

Below is me and my friend Linda - what an awesome lady she is!!!

it was an incredible day for walking and being with friends - what a wonderful experience I will be back to walk next year and will do the one in NYC and Charlotte, NC too.......


  1. im sooo happy you were up for this - - im sure it was inspiring to be apart of it.....and next year I would like to walk right beside you my dear friend. you amaze me.

  2. Susan I would love to have you walk with me next year that would be great!!

  3. I hope you took a shower after Chuckie hugged you!