October 6, 2011

Picture this and 5th chemo treatment

I have been doing the Picture this photo classes for about 2 yrs now - I loveTracey Clark and had the privilege of meeting her in 2010 at the Snap Happy Hour in NYC awesome time that night and met some great female photographers that I am still friends with. I have also mad some friends through the Fb Picture 2011 page -I am so behind in picture taking and uploading - going through BC, chemo and working FT and staying positive takes a lot out of you!!
As I sat in chemo for 5 hrs today I talked to the amazing nurses and some of the, patients there I took photos and thought I have to do something with the photos I am taking - maybe an exhibit!
I have to thank the women photographers who inspire me: Susan Mack, Joellyn Johnson, Tracey Clark, the shutter sisters, Kim Klassen, Ami Griffin, Meagan Davidson, Mary Presson Roberts, Morgen Bearse....... The list goes on!!!

BTW my 5th chemo went well today!! It was 5 hours long but the nurses are great and entertaining. I also met some chemo patients who were sweet and we talked. One lady finished her treatment me today and was going on a trip to celebrate - she asked me what I would do and I told her I had plans to finally fly in helicopter over NYC to take photos with my friend Deborah and her husband!!!

Peace love Photography

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