December 5, 2011

Dog sitting, Surprises in the mail and Christmas lights

I dog sat for a client for 4 days - 2 pugs named Bonnie and Clyde. Love these 2 but Clyde is a bottomless pit and poor Bonnie is deaf now - we still have fun on our walks though

walking with Bonnie and Clyde

Oops did I forget to let you in!! ha!!!

We took a walk Sunday night to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood
here are some of what we saw -

The pugs were more interested in smelling every blade of grass than letting me take photos ha!! as you can see this photo is a blur but was suppose to be a snowman!! ha!!

Here are some of the other lights we saw - or should I say the pugs let me shoot!!

I went home Saturday to see Greg and our cats - Cali has to be with me at all times especially when sitting on the couch!!

while I was there I got surprises in the mail - awesome!!
first Ashley Easton, a young lady you amazes me everyday recovery from a really bad car accident, read my blog and knew I want a shirt that read "take a picture it'll last longer" so she sent me one - love her!!!

I also got Tamela's book - this lady is incredible she did this book and road cross country on her motorcycle to raise money for women who have Breast Cancer

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