December 28, 2011

New tattoos, radiation, and therapy dog!!!

So I started Radiation today went in with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. Radiation is easier than Chemo - thank goodness and only last 15 minutes. I will be getting treatments everyday but Saturday and sunday until Feb 9 - I am so glad the technicians are happy people and not sticks in the mud robots - I like to be able to joke around and talk to the people I am spending time with.

I got a card today to scan in at the Cancer place so they know I am there for my appointments. So tomorrow for my 7:30am appt I will take the card to scan in, the aquaphor lotion to put on after the radiation so the skin doesn't get damaged I hope, and the pink van to shoot at the radiation/cancer center.....

I met two of the greatest technicians S and R - they were great and let me take photos and even posed for one. I already feel connected to them but S will be rotating to work at the hospital on Tuesday - hope the other technicians are just as friendly

here's a shot of a sign in the dressing room - I love the dog!! I only had to take my clothes off from the waist up so no worries about the back side showing

of course had to have 2 new tattoos put on - tiny as a pin head - I told S and R that the tattoos should be big if they are going to be there for life. I really did expect something larger than a pin head!!! ha!!

when I got home I took some photos around the house

I also got to visit with my favorite Therapy dog - her Mom dropped by when they were walking outside - mom had just had major surgery (thank goodness it wasn't cancer but it was crohns diesase)

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