December 1, 2010

Picture the Holidays started today

Picture the Holidays started today with Tracey Clark - I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Shutter Sisters Snap Happy Hour in NYC.  I have been looking forward to taking this class and being inspired by the others who are also taking the class.   So I posted a photo of my sister and I in our Halloween costumes in probably 1974 or so...... I snapped the photo of the photo of us in a frame cause I am grateful for the memories I had in my childhood..... here's the photo

I really had a great childhood and a great family to share it with.  We were all about family and being together.  I don't get to see the family now as often as I like since I am in NY and they live in SC.... I try to go as often as I can and more since my dad turned 80 this year.   I hold onto those memories of Childhood tightly.

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