February 28, 2012

Home is where the heart is.

I am home this week with my parents. I haven't lived in Fort Mill in 20 years but it will always be home for me

my Dad and Mom

it was bitter sweet this visit - it is the first time I have been home since starting Chemo in August of 2011 and my parents beloved dog passed away 2 weeks before I came. I miss seeing Ginger but she had good life she was 15 yrs old.
coming home is also very busy for me so many friends want to see me but I can see everyone and I need to spend time with my parents. my dad is 81 and is not in best of health. I want to move back more than ever now to be with them but I haven't finished all the follow up treatments - I have to stay in NY until I get the ok and until insurance pays my bills.

Met with a fellow Pink sister who also had cancer in her jaw. She asked me how I have stayed so positive - I cant really answer that question. Its just what I do. I have fear but I can't let it take me over. I just take it a day at a time and live my life the best I can. I have never been a complainer so why start now.

I have a photo session today. Yes I am the model as a photographer I like being behind the camera not in front of it but it should be fun. my photographer is from a network of photographers I joined Shoots for a Cure. I chose Diane because I liked her style and she lived in Charlotte. I thought it would be fun to do the photos while I was home for a visit.
we are shooting in NODA - a cool area in Charlotte. photos will be posted as soon as I get them.
I love brick walls, especially when an artist has made their mark on it. I am so excited for today.
Diane and I have connected so I know this is going to be a great shoot.

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