February 3, 2012

Pretty in Pink!!!! - Dr. K - Lots of Positive Energy

Today I wore a Pretty Pink sweater -ha!!

I am feeling pretty in Pink today!! My hair is really coming back fast!!

I went to radiation this morning #26 - 4 more to go - the burst is quick only 5 minutes.
I also had an appointment with my oncologist today and WOW was it great to get so much positive energy and love from the people in that office. What a great group.
The chemo nurses are great - I miss them.

J and E went out for happy hour last and just happen to talk about me of course with a couple of drinks in her E said my name as Carlene Dunnup!! ha!! Love her. Can't wait to go to happy hour with them in May when the roof deck is open at Casey's in RVC. Partying with the chemo nurses that will be fun!!! Photo below is of 3 of the nurses

Got lots of head rubs today everyone wants to have good luck. So much Positive energy I am still on it even though I am back at work now. What a great group of people.

Test, Test and more Test - ekg scheduled to check the heart - lotion for bug bite. And yes Chemo has put me into Menopause - Dr. K said the ache in hips confirms to him that I am in Menopause - NO Darlene it's not cancer - ha!! yep every ache and pain makes me think I have cancer again!!!
below is photo of 2 of my favorite ladies from the front office

Yes people I love going to my Oncologist office - there is so much positive energy and love for me there!!!!

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