March 20, 2012

My Journey the short version

I am a photographer who never thought I would be a part of the Pink Sisterhood but on May 24 of 2011 diagnosed with Stage 3A breast cancer, I joined the club. A sore left breast and a swollen lymph node led to 2 needle biopsies, a lumpectomy, 8 wicked chemo treatments, 5days a wk for 7 wks of radiation and alot of photos!! I have always had incredible coping skills and a positive attitude so I wasn't going to let Cancer get me down.
So I photographed my journey starting with the drainage tube coming out of my left side after surgery. I felt like Frankenstein with that thing in!!

I embraced every minute of what I was going through and wanted to capture everything I could with my camera, that is what helped me through this journey my photography. My camera has always been my partner in crime. It helps me through the ups and downs and it was there for me through this journey. I did alot of self portraits to show my family in SC what I was going through since I live on Long Island in NY but I wanted real portraits by another photographer - I have alot of photographer friends but none of them live near me. I did have headshots done for a magazine article but I wanted someone to capture me embracing my baldness and laughing as I do. I found that photographer through Shoots for a Cure network after I joined the network to Pay it Forward to other cancer patients. Diane Payne lives in Charlotte, NC near my hometown and when I finally got to go home she was there to photograph me. I loved wondering around with her as she snapped photos of me because I didn't want the standard portrait - I wanted the urban street photos.

I am not your typical breast cancer patient so why would my photos be typical?!

Peace Love Photography that's my motto.

the photos below are by my new friend and fellow photographer Diane Payne - love ya lady!!!

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