April 10, 2012

Health Update

It’s time for the first Mamo and sonogram since I was told I had Breast Cancer! My left breast/armpit area–still tender. And, the spots that are not tender are completely numb. There is all kinds of action happening on my left side. And, of course me, being me - all this pain is TOTALLY CANCER AGAIN. I know it’s not (probably). I suspect that a part of me will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every new ache, every new pain that I cannot immediately trace to a specific incident panics me a little. I hate admitting that, but I it is true but I am staying positive. Last week, I lost my dear friend Tara Jackson to Stage 4 BC. Tara and I had been friends since 1997 (we met at a photo stock agency in NYC) and seriously, she was just amazing. We had kept in touch over the years via emails and phone calls. I’ve been thinking about her a lot this last month, wondering why she hasn’t called me back and I found out on Thursday she passed away at 2am. As Pink sisters we are endangered. Take care ladies feel your boobies and be aware that cancer can hurt!! my left breast was sore - I thought i was a pulled muscle but mentioned it to my hematologist/oncologist anyway and here we are one year later ready for my first follow up mamo/sono after surgery for Stage 3A Breast Cancer!!!!

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