April 6, 2012

Loss of a Dear Friend

I found out yesterday a girlfriend and Pink Sister passed away. She was diagnosed in May of 2010 with Stage 4. We worked together in 1997 at Bruce Coleman in NYC and became great friends. Tara called me D - yesterday after I heard of her passing I kept hearing her voice in my head saying "hey D"- it was making me nuts and then while walking a dog last night I kept trying to get photos of the full moon with my cell phone - the last time I pulled the phone out it was on FB email between me and Tara (weird) I started reading those emails and noticed the times were 2hrs ago, 1 hr ago, 30 minutes ago - the one on 30 minutes said "D girl you know how much I love you!!!" then I heard her voice say " see I told you it was ok" and I felt this peace so I know she is ok now. thank you sweet Tara for being there one last time for me so I would know it is OK and you love me.

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