August 29, 2012

pet sitting, art class and editing a my story for a magazine

I was pet sitting last week for Lady a 14 yr old rat terrier - who looked for her family the whole time I was there.   this is a photo of me and lady - she didn't want her photo taken and kept looking down

 My friend Joy came to visit on Aug 25th to go to Long Beach with me.  I got to take a class in making polymer clay necklaces  - I made all 4 of the necklaces below.

 I am having my journey of being a photographer with breast cancer published in 2 magazines.   One is my hometown magazine Fort Mill Magazine and the other is Breast Cancer wellness magazine.
 I am not a writer so it was hard for me to find the words to put on paper and then trying to go through the photos I have taken over the last year was a challenge.
I am hoping the articles look good and make sense. 

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