October 12, 2012

Fall is in the air and NDD

I saw my oncologist yesterday and bloodwork showed NDD - no disease detected!!  Woo hoo!!
Dr. K told me I would be keeping port in for another year and half.  Yuk but I will deal with it.
I love going to see Dr. K and his staff.  I gave the copies of my story in the Fort Mill Magazine and Breast Cancer wellness magazine - I am still so excited I got my story and photos published in both.
Walking home I took some photos of the leaves on the ground - I don't get to see the colors change the way I would if I lived in South Carolina but I do get to see some.  I need to plan a trip to NJ to visit my friend Susan so I can see the leaves at GFS changing or the ones in Princeton.

In eight days I leave for my Photo retreat with the Shutter Sisters.  I am so excited - I need the 5 days of photo taking and sisterhood.  Warm weather will be good too.  Palm trees and cool signs - I am looking forward to taking photos.

Other photos from this week.......

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