May 10, 2013

Who’s Better Than Me?

I joined Comedian, Life Coach, and Author Nancy Witter and a group of women for Ladies night out at Garden city Casino for the event “Who’s Better Than Me? Learning to Live Happily Ever After”

From the minute I was greeted at the door by Nancy's cousin I felt welcomed.  Her energy was amazing.  I bought tickets to help another BC survivor and mingled with the other ladies.  The band “John Khoury and His Hambones” were incredible and I even bought a pair of guitar earrings from one of the local vendors selling at the event.  What an amazing evening.  

After Nancy took the stage and had us all laughing - the energy was incredible in the building - she signed books, I bought 4 so I could share with my family.  

Awesome night out. 

“John Khoury and His Hambones”

Nancy Witter Comedian, Life Coach, and Author

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