July 15, 2013

2 yr Annv Breast Cancer removal

Two years ago, on June 28, 2011. I was getting a wire placed in my breast for Breast Cancer surgery.  I was alittle nervous but more anxious about the fact they were suppose to put this wire in while doing a mamography on me - Ouch!  Luckily my cancer was on the bottom of my breast and it couldn't be down so we had to do it by sonogram.  Greg drove me over to the hospital and into Pre-op we went.  I laughed and joked with the nurses.  I was in shock still so I didn't take photos that day - wish I had.  My surgeon and I have agreed when I have my port out I will take photos.

This is a shot of the drainage tube that I had under my arm after surgery - i took this shot the day I was getting it out - 2 wks after surgery

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